If you are enrolled in one of the Canadian Flight Centre's long duration programs, you will have access to the respective package program. Or simply enrol online if you interested in online training only.

This Package includes all the Flight Dispatcher Program courses: 

  1. Private Pilot License (PPL)
  2. Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
  3. Instrument Rating (IFR)
  4. Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
  5. Safety Course (CASO)
  6. Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  7. Air Law
  8. Crew and Dispatch Resource Management (CRM)
  9. Airline Operations and ATPL Exams prep (ATPL)
  10. Radio Operator Certificate
  11. Commercial Air Services and FTU Ops(Charters)
  12. Ground and Ramp Ops
  13. Icing and Winter Operations
  14. Front Office Operations

This package includes all courses required for all Charter team members:
  • Company Indoctrination Training
  • Icing and Winter Operations
  • Survival Training
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
  • Mountain Flying
  • Controlled Flight Intro Terrain (CFIT)
  • GPS Course 
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Also (to be enrolled separately):

  • Aircraft Type Checkouts (for S.E. Charter Pilots)
  • Multi-Engine and Seneca GS (for M.E. Charter Pilots)

The course can be used for initial training, as well as a refresher for an upcoming IFR renewal.

This Package includes the following courses: 

  • Canadian Instrument Rating
  • Icing and Winter Operations
  • GPS Course - VFR and IFR (GPS)
  • Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT)
Duration of enrolment: 1 year

Flight Instructor Ground School contains materials required for preparing for the Instructor Rating written exam and flight test. It includes presentations on teaching techniques, PowerPoint Preparatory Ground Instructions, filmed PGI presentations videos, practice quizzes and more!
Duration of enrollment: 2 years. Included in the classroom ground school.
Commercial Pilot Ground School prepares you not only for the written test, but for so much more you will encounter in your commercial flying career! This course fulfills the Transport Canada requirements of the mandatory 80 hours of the CPL ground school towards your license. Includes practice exams.

This Package includes the following courses: 

  • Canadian Commercial Pilot Ground School Course
  • Mountain Flying (MTN)
  • Night Rating (NGT)
  • Icing and Winter Operations
  • GPS Course - VFR and IFR
Duration of enrolment: 2 years. 
This course provides what you need to support your daily flying - training towards PPL, CPL, renting an aircraft or currency training.

This Package includes all the following courses: 

  1. Flight Training Materials (FTM)
  2. Mountain Flying (MTN)
  3. Border Crossing
  4. Night Rating
  5. Airplane Type Checkouts (S.E.)
  6. Icing and Winter Operations
  7. GPS Course VFR and IFR (GPS)
  8. Survival Training
  9. Canadian Radio Operator Certificate (ROC)
  10. Canadian Pre-Solo Test (PSTAR)
  11. Canadian Night Rating (NGT)
Duration of enrolment: 2 years
Private Pilot Ground School contains all the materials and quizzes necessary to successfully prepare for the Private Pilot License (PPAER) Transport Canada written exam. It is also an official course that satisfies the requirements of the 40 hours of PPL ground school requirement. 
Includes practice exams. 

This Package includes the following courses: 

  • Canadian Private Pilot Ground School Course
  • Icing and Winter Operations
  • GPS Course - VFR and IFR
  • Canadian Radio Operator Certificate

Duration of enrolment: 2 years

From the first flight to CPL with Multi-IFR, this course includes everything you need to know throughout your PPP program or the first year of your ATPL program:
  1. Canadian Private Pilot License
  2. Canadian Commercial Pilot License
  3. Canadian Instrument Rating
  4. Flight Training Materials
  5. Multi-Engine and Seneca Course
  6. Mountain Flying
  7. Tailwheel Flying
  8. Aerobatic Flying
  9. Cross-Border Flying
  10. Night Rating
  11. Airplane Type Checkouts (S.E.)
  12. Icing and Winter Operations
  13. GPS Course - VFR and IFR
  14. Controlled Flight into Terrain
  15. Survival Training